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red house


maison pourcel jacques red house is created by twin brothers, michelin star chef jacques and laurent pourcel, dedicated to the interpretation of classic mediterranean french cuisine in a modern way. into the top of the main restaurant, they imitate the home of the brothers - paris-style room dotted with modern art, showing a noble and comfortable atmosphere. here, every day we use the most fresh local ingredients, to provide guests with pure, simple, creative dishes. at the same time, the pourcel brothers used surprise for the "contrast" element to bring surprises to the ladies - traditional and modern, hot and cold, crisp and soft, sweet and salty.

as the first french western food in shanghai, the red house with shanghai came a century of ups and downs. before the liberation, the red house western food is zhang ailing, wang danfeng, poplar and other favorite; after the liberation of the founding fathers zhou enlai, liu shaoqi, chen yi and other places of choice for western food, it is shanghai old koehler where the old plot. following the 2010 world expo, michelin chef poucel brothers in the world expo french pavilion operating the "sixth sense" restaurant was warmly respected, with the world expo food passion, maison pourcel jacques red house in august 2010 officially open, in its special geographical location and deep traditional feelings, for the shanghai friends to provide pure and sophisticated high-level french gluttonous feast.

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